Emily Isaacs was raised by her parents in the values of the Society of Friends. At Wellesley Friends Meeting in Massachusetts she was taught to join the group and lend a hand: share in the work of cleaning up the Meeting House or speak up in a discussion of the moral responsibility of a particular U.S. policy.  At 16 she joined her first committee, the Religious Education committee, based largely on her position as the babysitter of the four and under set.

At the University of Massachusetts/Amherst Emily discovered union work; as a graduate employee union affiliated with the United Autoworkers, Emily learned about organizing and leadership, eventually serving as Co-Speaker of the Graduate Employee Organization, leading the first strike and working as part of a team to forge the union’s first contract (1990s).

Today, the mother of three boys, she has, with her husband Paul Modiano, enjoyed working in her community to organize a block party and participate in local township events. The vast majority of her volunteer efforts are spent on the backend work of NJ youth soccer. Happy to live in Montclair, NJ, a community committed to racial and economic diversity through magnet schooling and progressive educational and other policies, Emily has served on township educational committees and provided writing workshops in the school community.