With ten years of experience working with teachers across disciplines and levels of experience, Emily Isaacs provides school districts with faculty development and curricular guidance in all areas related to writing.  Drawing on her own experiences and ability to connect well with a wide variety of people, Emily works with groups of faculty to identify the challenges they face in teaching and supporting writing, and to providing practical solutions to these problems.  Teachers are overwhelmed by the volume of work they face, and also the wide range of complex problems that student writing exhibits; drawing on her ability to break down the task of teaching writing, Emily trains teachers to address the immediate question: what can I do now to help this writer develop one step further?  An incremental, positive yet rigorous approach to faculty development and student learning marks Emily’s approach to faculty development. As well, Emily helps teachers develop as writers, too, often simply by providing prompts, space, and feedback. Often teachers are working so hard teaching that they have little time for their own writing. Emily believes that good writing teachers write — personally or professionally, academically or creatively, in little tiny bits or in great volume. Teachers need to be able to remember the process of writing so that they can speak authentically and persuasively to their students.

Here are some materials Emily has developed for her work with teachers: